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We present products, that can be produced on the base of guarana.

Guaranį`s good health benefits and its standing as a natural stimulant, has caused its popularity to grow steadily worldwide. It also became very popular in World Several companies in World produce some of their products guarana based. In Poland it is just beginning in comparison to the other countries. It is possible to produce qualitatively products thanks to Guarana. Guarana is used as the advertising engine for new products. Example well known: CafeGuaranesa as the typical advertising hit.
For You we have prepared some products and ways of uses of guarana in different industrial branches. At the beginning we will describe a few products. With time we will try to enlarge the list of examples.

Thanks to Guarana you will achieve success ! Guarana is number one of natural energizers !

- Energy drinks, energy bars, energy gels, ampoules
- Pops, diet, capsules, guarana powdered, pharmaceutics
- Food Sweets, gums, cookies, chips, chocolates
- Liquors, drinks for adult
- Cosmetics

On this page we present the products can be produced based on guarana.