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What is guarana?

Guarana (pronounced gwa-ra-naa) is a berry that grows in Venezuela and the northern parts of Brazil. The name 'Guarana' comes from the Guarani tribe that lives in Brazil. Guarana plays a very important role in their culture, as this herb is believed to be magical, a cure for bowel complaints and a way to regain strength. They also tell the myth of a 'Devine Child', that was killed by a serpent and whos eyes gave birth to this plant. Guarana's biological name, Paullinia Cupana, was taken from the German medical botanist C.F. Paullini, who discovered the tribe and the plant in the 18th century. The taste of Guarana is distinctive and unique, and the main reason for its success in Brazil as a soft drink. The main ingredient of guarana is guaranine, which is chemically identical to caffeine. This is the reason for the energy boost people get after taking guarana. It became very popular in Europe. The guaranį plant has divided compound leaves and flowers yellow panicles during the driest months of the year, the fruit ripening about two to three months later. The fruit is pear shaped, three sided, has three-celled capsules with thin partitions and in each a seed like a small horse-chestnut half enclosed in an aril. The seeds form a bunch. When ripe, the fruit is red, with some orange and yellow tones. The fruit then partially opens, showing part of the seeds. The fruit now looks like an eye and this appearance lead to legends told by the indians. In the lushness of the Brazilian Amazon where it originates, it often grows to 10 m high. At this stage the seeds are harvested, to prevent them from falling on the ground.

increases vitality 2) enhances potency 3) enhances resistance
4) helps with endurance based activities, asthenic syndrom 5) quickens perceptions, enhances memory
6) headaches, migraine 7) causes a higher blood pressure and an increased heart rate
8) vertigos 9) helps during lasting flights
10) used for convalescence after serious illness, operations 11) depressions, stresses
12) susceptibility to colds 13) meteoropathy 14) high blood-cholesterol
15) stomach upset 16) obesity, cellulite,



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